HD Video, 8:02 mins, 2020
Featured in Høstutstillingen 2022, Vestlandutstillingen 2023 and Art Viewer’s online Screen program curated by Paola Paleari

Installation: MA2020, Kode 4, Bergen (2020)

Landing poetry and fiction in reality, the content of the video shows the artist together with his sister cleaning up his father’s apartment. With warmth and humour his voiceover tells the story of growing up with an alcoholic father – Maya Økland, Curator

While rooted in a deeply personal story, the video opens up a larger conversation about how we care for ageing parents in an ever-more individualised society. Why is elder caregiving still primarily a women’s responsibility? What are the psychological implications of looking after a person that has been a source of shame and frustration during the delicate years of emotional development?

Traditional household structures have radically changed over the past few decades and adult children experience feelings of ambivalence; regretting the loss of their independence in the role of caregiver whilst fearing their parents lack sufficient emotional support. As the population ages in most Western countries, many questions on how to face the most formidable demographic challenge of the near future remain unanswered.

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