A series of web based, artist-led television shows produced in collaboration with Auto Italia and Lorenzo Tebano
Auto Italia / Institute of Contemporary Art, London (2010 – 2012)

Broadcast over three episodes in between 2010-2012 our content included the forming of an improv band live on air, the disembowelment of life size Rupert Murdoch effigy (preluding the 2011 News Corporation Scandals) and the performance of a live music video.

Produced collaboratively by artists, Auto Italia LIVE aimed to reclaim a space within the television format that has increasingly lost its experimental aspect. The project drew from figures including Nam June Paik that dealt with the risk taking inherent in live TV, Warhol TV bringing a community of artists together and Jef Cornelis in terms of his pioneering productions for Belgium Television in particular shows such as ‘Container’. Questioning the demise of risk taking in mainstream cultural programming within the history of British Television, the project aimed to provoke discussion and challenge how artists might work together to create new work, examining how dialogues are negotiated and tested within this unique context.